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Show Staff

David Ducorbier


  David Ducorbier - Author, Pseudo-Celebrity, Gamer (Paper & Pencil), Live-Action Role-Player, Xbox Enthusiast, History Lover, and Father.  A life long resident of New Orleans that has been involved in Southern Fandom since his first convention at the tender age of 15. Over the past 10 years his highly controversial alter-ego JOE BOB has  MC'd over 50 Charitable Events at Conventions all along the Gulf Coast.  He has also led panel discussions at several Conventions on Topics ranging from writing Steampunk stories to “How to Throw the Perfect Room Party”.  David was also the Owner of the Bar “Spider's Web” in New Orleans. During that time he gave refuge to LARPers in need of gaming space and threw theme parties of epic proportions. The Week in Geek is his brainchild. It is an attempt to provide Geeks, Nerds, Fan Groups, and Geeky Charitable Organizations, a platform in which they may promote events and recruit members.  Other Radio Stations refused to take calls or ideas from people they deemed Nerds. Our Radio Show and Station are the only ones in the New Orleans Area that give our fellow Geeks a Voice.  You can find his short story “Arms R.A.C.E.” in the book “New Orleans by Gaslight” available on 

Brian Held, Jr.


 Brian Held Jr. - Cosplayer, gamer, Dragonslayer, and geek extraordinaire! He has been part of the Gulf Coast Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Gaming community for over 20 years having been or is an active member of many organizations such as the 501st Legion, Krewe du Who, Society for Creative Anachronisms, and the Wargames and Fantasy Cosplay Troop. Brian has been an avid gamer for the past 30 years be it role-playing, board, card, or miniature war games he has played his fair share. On the cosplay front Brian makes many of the costumes that he wears and has even done a bit of makeup for Lucasfilm. He also enjoys passing along his costuming knowledge through teaching others to make costumes for themselves, Brian is always happy to share what he knows. On film, Brian has had some opportunities like the Dragonslayer commercial you can see at, playing the dad in the 48 film fest production Apocalyptic Problems, as a spokesperson for the 501st on WGNO's News with a Twist, and in Krewe du Who Time fest promo commercials. Brian knows that there is always something new in geekdom to see or do and is eager for his next great adventure!

Skungy Scontrino


  Being a manager of a local Gamestop makes Skungy the perfect candidate for our weekly video game review. "Skungy's Pick of the Week" is a staple part of our broadcast and can be heard in the second segment of each of our shows.

Ernest Russell


  Ernest Russell has authored “Daily Options” found in WHEN THE SHADOW SEES THE SUN: CREATIVES SURVIVING DEPRESSION from Pro Se Productions. His work has appeared several volumes of the literary journal Violet Windows. “Birds of a Feather” found in MONSTER MAYHEM: An Anthology of Monstrous Proportions and be ordered from Luling Press. There is still more to come from Pro Se Productions.

With a resume full of eclectic skill sets from electronics to leather working, Ernest is an avid table-top and board games player, still getting in some RPG, (preferable GURPS, D&D or Call of Cthulhu) whenever possible. After enjoyed stories about his Warhammer Armies and other topics for fun, finally took the advice of some good friends. Screwing up his courage by writing something he would want to read and submitting it.

Having known local celebrity Brian Held for far longer than either is really sure about, of course Ernest listened to him on the radio. Then he met The Other Guy. He seemed ok too. Shortly thereafter, temporary insanity struck and he listened to ALL of their archives from the first show onward.  They have come a long way. Since they were stealing most of their Book of Face posts from his news feed, he agreed to save them the trouble. In this way, Local Celebrity Brian Held and The Other Guy Dsquare Ducorbier can focus their creative talents to bring YOU the best of Geek Radio right here on THE WEEK IN GEEK. GFL!!

Don Cooper


  Don Cooper is the staff photographer for The Week in Geek Radio Show. He first picked up a camera at the age of seven. It was a birthday gift from his grandmother, and Don was hooked immediately. The photos he took back then are all lost to time, but it was the start of something that has always stayed with him. Fast forward to the late 1990s when photography became a part of his job. That’s when a fascination turned into an outright addiction, and it’s only grown from there.

Don is still in awe at the friends he's made and the things he's been able to do – all because he looked through a lens, pressed a button, and discovered he wasn’t half bad at it. Wrestling, concerts, and all sorts of other events are now a regular part of his life. Don's work has been displayed across social media and the web, and two pieces have been turned into murals and are on permanent display. The sky’s the limit, or, more realistically, hard drive space is.

Kaiti McCloud


Kaiti is a costumer and maker extraordinaire. She also has mad event planning skills and throws a heck of a party. Part of the Krewe of Really Awesome Parodies, she and her krewe have won best room party at Contraflow in 2017 and 2018. She has joined our team as a PA and Project Manager to help take TWiG Radio to the next level.

Paul D. Marchiafava


  Paul D. Marchiafava – Husband, Father, Gamer, Cosplayer and Merchandise Guru, Paul joins our staff to bring all the great swag a show desires.  Born and raised in New Orleans, Paul started visiting the con scene at age 14, but his passion for the geeky and nerdy re-emerged when he joined the 501st Legion.  Since joining the legion he’s become a member of many other groups including the Rebel Legion and The Royal Manticorian Navy.  

Paul’s passion for the creative started with a sign company starting up more than 20 years go, and exploded when he was asked to be Bast Alpha Garrison(501st) and Degobah Base(Rebel Legion) merchandise officers.  Since then his Bat Cave has exploded with multiple machines to create just about anything.  Paul’s other passions include building costumes, electronics, graphic design, and all round just creating something.  Paul’s honored to join the staff here at The Week In Geek.

Tim San Fillippo


  Tim San Fillippo is our resident Photoshop geek and all things graphically designed. He’s one of those guys who never stopped drawing as a kid and brings a fun esthetic to our business cards, push cards, banners and other marketing materials. A freelancer, he has also done work for some of your favorite groups and events such as The Louisiana Renaissance Festival, Krewe du Who, Time Fest, CoastCon and Southern Geek. 

   Besides his love for design, Tim collects all kinds of toys and comics from the mid ‘60s to the mid ‘80s. He has complete Kenner Star Wars and Super Powers action figure collections and a growing army of MEGOs that include the ever classic 8” Spider-Man. His all-time favorite comic titles are the TMNT (Mirage vol. 1), Jack Kirby’s Fourth World titles, and The New Teen Titans by Perez and Wolfman.